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Why Vinax?


The top 10 reasons why many of our current customers chose Vinax over other providers:

1) 100% Network and Power Uptime SLA:

Can your current provider states or offers this? It proves the quality of our service that we are promising. For more information about our SLA, please click here

2) Premium Bandwidth, Solid Network:

At Vinax, we only use high-quality bandwidth providers. Our network is fully meshed, using BGP, and redundant with a wide selection of backbone providers, including Level(3), TeliaSonera, Tata, Cogent, and supplemented by our international peering network. All routes are optimized by Noction to provide the best route with the shortest latency and least packet loss.

To test our network, please ping or traceroute to | File Download Test Speed (1GB)

3) Great Data Center Location:

Our data center is located at 350 E. Cermak Rd, downtown Chicago. It is the primary carrier hotel in Chicago with direct access, through Equinix and the building meet-me-room (MMR), to hundreds of networks. Ideal for those in need of diverse connectivity or for trading/financial purposes due to the proximity to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) in addition to many other financial networks and exchanges.

4) Highest-Quality Server & Hardware:

At Vinax, you can be sure that you will be hosted on the highest-quality servers and hardware. To ensure maximum performance and reliability, Vinax only uses enterprise servers and brand-name hardware/equipment such as Cisco, APC, SuperMicro, Wester Digital, 3ware, Adaptec, Kingston, etc.

5) APC Remote Power Control:

Why waiting for a tech to reset your server which may take up to 30 or 60 minutes at other providers? All of our servers included APC remote power control port which you can reset your server remotely without needs to contact our technical support staffs.

6) IPMI / KVM over IP Access:

With IPMI/KVMoIP, you can install the OS or fix your server remotely.

7) 24/7 Pro-Active Server Monitoring:

Your servers will be monitoring 24/7/365 (2 minutes interval). If we detect your server down, we will notify and help you to bring it back up quickly.

8) 24/7 Prompt Technical Support:

We provide real 24/7/365 prompt tech support. Unlike many other providers, we don't outsource or hire 3rd party company to support our valued customers. We have our own dedicated, friendly, and polite staffs locating within the U.S with highly skilled to take care of our customers. We guaranteed all support tickets will be responded within 15 minutes or less.

9) Exceptional Customer Service:

What makes Vinax different with other providers? That's Exceptional Customer Service. At Vinax, we treat our customers like family and take care of every single customer. We will do and try everything to make all customers happy and satisfy.

10) Reputable and Trusted Provider:

Providing service since 2004, we are proudly to say that some of our very first customers are still using and getting more servers from us. You simply won't find any bad reviews or complaints about us. Our people are honest and always looking forward to help your business grow.



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