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Service Level Agreement



This document shows you the high quality of service we are promising:

We have spent a lot of time and money to have the following accomplished:

  • Redundant routers and switches.

  • Multiple upstream providers.

  • UPS and generator power backup.

  • All key network components are monitored 24/7.

  • 24x7 on-site staffing by experienced systems engineers.

  • All key network, environmental, and electrical components are monitored 24x7.

  • Some of the industry's strongest SLAs.

Dedicated Server and Colocation Power/Network SLA:

Vinax will provide a minimum 100% uninterrupted transit to the Internet (as measured on a monthly basis) as well as 100% uninterrupted electricity. If transit to the Internet or electricity become unavailable for a cumulative period up to 10 minutes beyond the 100% minimum in any month of service, the client will be entitled to an account credit equivalent to 5% of the client's monthly recurring fees for the directly impacted bandwidth or power services for that month. An additional 5% credit can be earned for every additional 5 minutes the network or power is unavailable. Credit calculations will be based on unavailability in 5 minute increments.

The above agreement does not cover outages caused by equipment and/or events under the control of the client. This Service Level Agreement does not cover outages due to scheduled or emergency network and/or facility maintenance, which will be broadcast to all customers in advance via email, our site, and will not exceed 60 minutes per month.

Any and all credits to the client will not exceed 100% of the client's recurring monthly fees for the month in which the credit is issued. All credits must be requested within 7 days of the incident.

To request a SLA credit, please email  [email protected] with your ServerID/IP along with the time of and time span of the outage. Accounts must not be past due when requesting an SLA credit. Refunds will not be issued.

2 Hours Hardware Replacement Guarantee

Vinax will do its best to make the hardware replacement as fast as possible on all dedicated systems. All attempts will be made to get the system diagnosed and operational within 2 hours or less. There are no additional fees for hardware replacement in dedicated systems. Critical components such as RAM, hard drive, PSU, and spare servers will always be kept in stock to assure prompt replacement. If the hardware of the affected server is not replaced within 2 hours of the detected failure a 10% SLA credit can be requested, with an additional 10% credit for each additional hour. Any and all credits to the client will not exceed 100% of the recurring monthly fee of the affected server.

Performance Guarantee

Vinax makes the following guarantees to all onsite Internet clients:

  • 100% guaranteed uninterrupted transit to the Internet

  • Zero packet loss internal to the network

Vinax also guaranteed that no users will be negatively affected by DDoS attacks against other customers on our network. Null routing of an IP is only done as a last resort on IRC network as filtering will be attempted first. DDoS attacks to or from servers on networks may be null-routed if attacks are identified. Downtimes due to the null-routing of an IP or regarding billing issues do not count against the SLA.



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